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Laundry Productivity Monitoring and Reporting Software & Systems

Production Worx

is a real-time laundry productivity and utility monitoring application. Simple, Powerful, Fast, Flexible & Unique. Developed using GLSS's trademark philosophy:

"Simple to learn - Easy to use"

By utilizing this application, your laundry team can:

  • Monitor and Improve Operator Efficiency

  • Monitors productivity of operators and allows for easy establishment of targets or benchmarks. Monitoring screens/data available both on the laundry floor and office environments in real-time.

  • Maximize Equipment Utilization

  • Determine equipment operating efficiencies and runtime. Also records causes of downtime.

  • Accurately Determine Product Processing Efficiency

  • Realize actual processing throughput of individual products for improved scheduling more accurate cost analysis.

  • Automate Utility Tracking

  • Up to four utilities can be monitored in real-time for specific equipment, for the entire laundry operation, or both.

Production Worx will enable your laundry to improve processing and financial outcomes by:

  • Taking immediate action in real-time rather than waiting for daily or weekly reports to highlight inefficiencies.
  • Eliminating all manual data collection tasks and costs.
  • Promoting operator self-improvement by having indisputable targets and performance in “black and white” for better HR management.

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Learn more about Production Worx:

  • Operator Productivity

  • Maintenance Engineering

  • Equipment Utilization

  • Utility Monitoring